Clients: Mr. Waqas Khalil
Location: 𝐆𝐮𝐥𝐛𝐚𝐡𝐚𝐫 𝐍𝐨.1
System: 𝟭2𝗞𝗪 Hybrid
Status: completed

Client Case Study - Mr. Waqas Khalil - Peshawar

Mr. Waqas Khalil, a resident of Gulbahar No.1, Peshawar. He had a tough time dealing with frequent loadshedding and high electricity bills at his home in Gulbahar No.1, Peshawar. He was unhappy because the electricity was always going off, and it was costing him a lot of money. He wanted to find a way to stop these problems. Upon researching, he contacted Asaan Solar Solution, a reputable provider of solar energy solutions. Asaan Solar Solution team visited Mr. Waqas Khalil’s home and looked at how much electricity he used. Then, they suggested to installed 12KW Hybrid Solar System to help him with his power needs and to deal with the problem of loadshedding and high bills.

System Overview:

Asaan Solar Solution installed a  two 6KW Crown Inverters with a 4-year warranty at Mr. Waqas Khalil’s residence. The Crown Hybrid inverter is one of the best inverters in Pakistan. It’s known for working well and lasting a long time. Additionally, 24 Jinko 550 watts N-type Solar Panels, with 25-year warranty, were installed. To ensure stability, a robust H-beam girder structure supported the system.

Benefits of Installing the Solar System:

Mr. Waqas Khalil got many good things after he put in the solar system:

  • No Bills Tension: Mr. Waqas Khalil electricity bills went down a lot because of the solar system. This meant he saved a lot of money, which made things easier for him financially.

  • Free from Loadshedding: With the solar system, Mr. Waqas Khalil house always had electricity. Even when there were problems with electricity in the area, like when the power went out, the solar system kept working, so he always had power.

  • Helping the Environment: By using solar energy, Mr. Waqas Khalil helped keep the environment clean. Solar energy doesn’t make pollution like other kinds of energy, so it’s better for the Earth.

  • Making Extra Energy: 12 KW h solar system generates approximately 1000 units of electricity per month. This was more than enough for Waqas Khalil house, so he didn’t need to worry about running out of power. And because he had extra, he saved even more money.

  • Free After-Sales Service: Asaan Solar Solution also provided Waqas Khalil with 2 years of free after-sales service. This meant that if anything went wrong with the solar system during that time, they would fix it for free. This gave Mr. Iqbal peace of mind knowing that he was taken care of even after the installation was complete.

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