Asaan Solar Solution was established in 2017 with a vision to redefine solar energy in Pakistan by offering top-notch, technologically advanced, and affordable solar solutions to individuals and organizations. With passion, hard work, dedication, commitment, advanced resources, continuous learning, customer-centric approach and our dedication to staying up-to-date with the latest solar technologies, we’ve been successfully pursuing our vision for over 7 years.

With hundred’s  installations across different areas, including local and big companies like NR Sana Poly Propylene Pvt Ltd, RMC Peshawar, SKANS School, Roryan Pharmaceutical, ZTBL, Saydon Pharmaceutical, FORWARD, and Rahman Cotton Mills, it shows that Asaan Solar Solution is trusted by important companies. This proves we’re reliable and focused on spreading solar solutions, not just locally but also internationally.

Pakistan mostly buys fossil fuels from other countries to make electricity. This makes electricity costly and adds to the pollution, which is already a big problem for the climate. Asaan Solar Solution wants to help. We’re interested in finding ways to save money and help the environment. Our solar solutions are the solution. They make the air cleaner in cities like Peshawar and Islamabad. Plus, they let you make your own electricity, which means you can save lots of money every month.

We are dedicated to delivering excellent customer service. Our team is available to address your enquiries and assist you in selecting the appropriate solar solution for your requirements.

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Our mission is clear: to illuminate Pakistan through the power of the sun. With a deep-rooted understanding of the energy challenges faced by our nation, we are committed to making solar energy available to all by offering budget-friendly and technologically advanced solar solutions. Our team of experts tirelessly works to bridge the gap between energy demand and supply while reducing our carbon footprint.


Domestic Solar Solution

saan Solar Solution is dedicated to assisting homeowners in transitioning to solar energy with tailored domestic solutions. With our on-grid and hybrid options, which commence with client trust, offering the best possible quotes, and providing free site surveys, homeowners can achieve zero electricity bills (depending on the system size and their energy needs). Our experts are skilled in handling seamless system design, installation, and after-sales services, driven by our passion to lower your electricity bill.

Commercial Solar Solutions

Our commercial solar solutions have really made a difference for many businesses, helping them switch to solar energy and cut down their electricity bills by up to 70%. We offer Hybrid and On-grid commercial solar solutions in Pakistan to schools, universities, hospitals, offices, organizations and multinational companies. Our team of engineers possesses extensive experience in tackling the new challenges that arise when operating within diverse commercial markets.

Industrial Solar Solutions

We take pride in the fact that we have installed solar solutions not only for local but also for multinational industries in Pakistan. Our industrial installations include textiles, sports, fertilizers, and other sectors. Make the switch from traditional and costly power sources to natural, clean, cost-effective, and reliable solar solutions with Alpha Solar.

Solar Tube Wells

Alpha Solar understands the challenges our farming community faces in crop cultivation, especially concerning electricity availability and high electricity rates. We offer the best solar tube well solutions at the most reasonable prices, which not only eliminate electricity bills but also increase overall crop production. We employ Tier 1 solar panels and high-quality mounting structures designed to withstand higher wind pressures.

Net Metering

Our fast and easy net metering process enables you to sell excess generated electricity back to the grid and earn credits. We complete the net metering process swiftly, all while keeping it affordable. Asaan Solar Solution takes full responsibility for installing net metering, allowing the customer to rest assured.

Bank Financing

Asaan Solar Solution is your trusted partner in making solar panel systems accessible to everyone through the SBP solar financing scheme. Our affiliation with all banks in the SBP solar panels installation scheme ensures a hassle-free process, including fast application approval. Experience a smooth journey towards a sustainable future with our quality-driven and convenient solar solutions.

Join Us in Redefining Energy

We want you to join us in making Pakistan cleaner, using less energy, and better prepared for changes in the weather. Whether you own a home, a business, or run an organization and want to use energy in a sustainable way, Asaan Solar Solution is here to help you. Let’s collaborate to create a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow for generations to come.




With over a decade of experience, we are at the forefront of solar technology. Our team of experts has extensive experience in system design, installation, maintenance, and after-sales services.


We prioritize top-tier solar panels, inverters, and mounting structures alongside impeccable workmanship. Our installations are designed to stand the test of time, ensuring your investment in solar energy pays off for years to come.


We believe sustainability should be accessible. Our competitive pricing ensures you receive value without compromise.


Our track record speaks for itself. We’ve successfully illuminated homes, businesses, and organizations, earning the trust of our satisfied clientele.


We continually stay updated with the latest solar technology trends to bring you cutting-edge solutions that maximize efficiency and performance.


With over a decade of experience, we are at the forefront of solar technology. Our team of experts has extensive experience in system design, installation, maintenance, and after-sales services.

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